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Goals for 2019

A few people will say that you don’t need a special date to start something new, however the special date personally gives me some extra motivation. For 2019 I don’t want to do actual resolutions of completely changing my life around or anything like that but I wanted to set myself 3 goals that I think are within my reach .

1 - Blog

You can clearly see on here that I have been slacking off a little bit and that I have not been posting for a while. This is making me slightly sad because writing is something that I enjoy doing and I hate that I don’t do it enough. I want to turn this blog into something I am proud to share and show off to other people. My aim is to have a post up every Wednesday - or once a week, at least. I would also like to post more on Instagram. I use the app every day but I do not post very often. I enjoy seeing what people have to share so hopefully people will enjoy what I have to share!

2 - Fitness

Let’s be clear: I am not a fitness guru - never have, most likely never will. However these past few months I have been really inactive, not even reaching the daily goal of 6,000 steps I have set up on my smart watch which is outrageous. Since I have been so bad with my fitness I am setting up a very obtainable goal to keep me motivated and make sure I don’t get overwhelmed. My aim is to exercise 30 minutes a day, even if those 30 minutes are spent going for a walk.

3 - Books

Reading is another thing that I enjoy that I feel like I haven’t done quite enough of last year. I have set myself the goal of reading 52 books, which is the same as a book a week. It seems like a lot but I always was a fast reader so I think this is do-able. My boyfriend got me a Kindle for Christmas so it’ll be easier for me to carry books around.

These may seem like not a lot to achieve but I don’t want to worry about not achieving a stupid goal that I would have set for myself! Have you set yourself some goals / made resolutions for 2019? Please share them with me :)

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