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28 facts about me

I thought since I turned 28 only two days ago, I would do a “get to know me” post ans share 28 facts about me. So in no particular order, here goes:

  1. I was born in France.

  2. I moved to the UK when I was 22.

  3. My favourite colour is red.

  4. I am the eldest of four children.

  5. I am engaged but we have not set up a date yet.

  6. I have a cat named Luna.

  7. My favourite band is Tokio Hotel.

  8. I have a master’s in translation.

  9. I am a massive Harry Potter fan, both of the books and films.

  10. I am a Slytherin - according to the test on Pottermore.

  11. I have a thing for pretty stationery and probably own more notebooks that I’ll ever be able to use.

  12. My friends joke about the fact that I like to spend time doing my makeup at the weekend even if I don’t have plans to leave the house.#

  13. I have a passion for cheese (how French of me!).

  14. I am 6 foot tall.

  15. My favourite podcast is “No Such Thing As A Fish”.

  16. I shaved my hair off when I was 17 to see what it would look like.

  17. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8.

  18. I like crime Tv shows: The Mentalist, CSI, Law & Order, etc.

  19. I like cooking for my friends and having them over for lunch / dinner.

  20. I still do not know what my dream job would be.

  21. I broke my foot when I was 14.

  22. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite film.

  23. I have a curious mind.

  24. I can be quite lazy at times.

  25. When I was a kid - about 5 - I wanted to be an astronaut / singer (yes, both at the same time).

  26. I don’t drink alcohol.

  27. My love languages are “physical touch” and “quality time”.

  28. My personality type is INFJ-A, “The Advocate”.

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